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About Brian

Brian is one of the media industry’s premier technology experts, having built high performing technology platforms and teams that power some of the most well known media brands. He has a proven track record of migrating platforms and processes to the cloud and innovating e-commerce, social media, voice, and mobile enagement solutions.

Key areas of Practice:

Technology Management
Infrastructure Improvement
Technology Diligence on Merger / Acquisition / Investment targets
Team Culture Improvement
Modernization of legacy systems and practices

After attending college at the University of Cincinnati, Brian started his career as an IT specialist in the health care industry. After working in a number of startup companies, Brian moved into the media industry as Director of Interactive for Jacor Communications, a radio company where he developed a centralized content and marketing management platform that created clearance for Jacor’s national digital tech initiatives while allowing the local stations to completely control and power their brand.

Giving local stations content and tools was still in the forefront of Brian’s strategy when Clear Channel acquired Jacor and appointed him VP Technology. After building Clear Channel’s digital business and the first version of IHeartRadio - the brand that became Clear Channel’s new corporate identity, Brian left Clear Channel for Triton Media Group in 2008.

As EVP Technology for Triton, Brian was over product and technology strategy, heading up the business unit that consisted of former RDG and MJI Interactive assets. After migration Triton’s technology to cloud, Brian got the cloud bug and left Triton in 2012 to start a consulting company, Conductive Path, focused on migrating companies to cloud and unlocking the potential of development teams by infusing them with Dev Ops, Agile and LEAN methodologies.

Brian has also created several cutting edge product offerings for Vipology, a boutique services firm bringing technology solutions to media companies and digital agencies.